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I was employed for approximately 2 months with this collective of criminals and cheaters known as The Call Store Inc, located in Murrieta, CA. Despite putting tremendous effort into my work and earning multiple commissions throughout my short duration being of employment with them, the owner refused to pay me for a grand total of $159 for my last sale made.

Aside from this fact, this company makes claims to contractors that are dishonest, at best. They claim to work exclusively with one contractor per industry per area. This is the first scheme to make you believe that you'll have an upper hand over your competition by signing up with them, due to the fact that you'd be the only one in your area that they will work with in your industry.

How could a company build enough client to pay for the monthly funds associated with running a business if they truly were bound to these limits. This is an almost laughably unbelievable claim to me, especially after literally watching my coworkers call every contractor they can possibly find in the same city they had just spoken to someone about working exclusively with.

It seems until recently they had been quite good at covering their tracks, and leaving hardly any complaints to be found. This is the driving force of deception behind this outfit, they will reassure you that they are accredited with the BBB with no complaints just to get you to sign up. Gratefully, they no longer seem to be free of complaints on the BBB as of now, and they appear to have lowered in overall rating. After a contractor signs up, The Call Store enters them in a do not call list (

They do this to avoid accidentally calling someone who is already signed up with them after promising them they'd be the only one they'd be working with in the area. If you express the slightest bit of interest, expect to be called daily and coerced onto signing up. They will promise you return of investment and quality calls from consumers who are already in request of the services you provide.

Reality is you'll receive little to no legitimate inbound calls. We constantly got phone calls from contractors we signed up, claiming that they got one call and it was from either someone out of state or ironically, from a call store employee who didn't check the do not call list.Aside from these factors, everything this company does for your money would practically be FREE if done by yourself.

The "secret" methods of driving inbound calls (which they refuse to show examples of in fear of getting "copied" by other advertising companies) seems to be less effective than free advertising. The Murrieta division I worked for consisted of criminals and outspoken drug users who manipulate and lie to any extent possible to get a credit card number out of your wallet.

They will bad talk you and mimic you after you are off the phone with them.This is including Rob Kohl, the murrieta office owner who has recently changed his business to another bogus outfit (, this time being devoid of any guarantees and a flat monthly rate of $99 dollars per month.

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This place is worse the a wet smelly ***, worst thing is Gene Cook The Owner is a pastor!!!!

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